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Shop for Wooden Swings - your wooden swings are in the Nature Catalog at Shop-NC

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Wooden Swings

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Capacities of Wooden Swings

Sometimes we see weight capacities listed for wooden swings.  At Shop-NC we don’t, and here is why:

Wooden swings are typically not tested to the point of failure, so without true data - figures can be arbitrary and possibly misleading.   The weakest point in wooden swings is typically not in the swing itself, but instead the points from which wooden swings hang. 

We offer this for a guide – wooden swings made from cedar (red and white) are lightest in weight. All of our four-foot cedar wooden swings and A-frames are made for and hold two adults; five-foot cedar wooden swings and A-frames are proper for two adults and a child.  Individual boards in cedar wooden swings may themselves be less strong, but it also means there’s less “non-person” weight on supports. 

Our wooden swings and A-frames made from pressure-treated pine, cypress and Brazilian cherry are all designed such that they will more than support the weight of two full sized adults or two adults and a child.  Again, the most critical capacity factor for wooden swings is the point of support.

Also worth knowing - we use galvanized chains for our wooden swings.  It is rust resistant and stronger than stainless, which is actually a soft steel.