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Shop-NC for Wooden Benches - find outdoor wooden benches in the Nature Catalog

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Wooden Benches

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Wood Types in Wooden Benches

Woods used in wooden benches must either be treated or have natural properties to inhibit decay if the wooden benches are to be used outdoors.

Pressure treated pine wooden benches are perfect for the outdoors.  These benches can be left untreated or painted or stained to your liking.  Our pressure-treated wooden benches use top quality stainless steel fasteners and offer great, long-lasting value.  Other wooden benches made from other North American-sourced woods have natural resistance to decay; these woods include redwood, cypress, cedar and cherry. 

The long-lasting reputation of wooden benches made from Teak is well deserved.  However, wooden benches made from other dense and heavy tropical hard woods also offer excellent value.  We particularly recommend our wooden benches made from Shorea.  They offer much of the same look, feel and longevity of teak at a fraction of the price.

All woods used in wooden benches will oxidize and turn gray with time if left untreated.  Many consider this a desirable feature.  You can visit our Taking Care of Garden Benches for more information on how to treat wooden benches against the effects of oxidation.