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Shop for a Rocking Chair - your outdoor rocking chair is in the Nature Catalog at Shop-NC

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Rocking Chair

       Rocking Chair Style
    Classic and Adirondack 

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Outdoor Rocking Chair Styles

Rocking chair styles for outdoor or covered porch use follow two general themes - Classic rocking chairs and Adirondack rocking chairs.

A classic outdoor rocking chair seats you upright.  Your feet guide the rocking motion as your back rests flat against the chair back.  The rocking chair seat and back is typically slatted or woven cane.  Design elements are used in top posts and in the tops of rocking chair backs to provide distinguished looks. 

An Adirondack rocking chair has a totally different look and a bit of a different feel.  You tend to sit deeper in this type of chair.  Rocking is guided both by your feet and shifting your weight.  The back of an Adirondack rocking chair can be straight, curved or shell-shaped.  All chair-back styles are popular with our customers; itís just a matter of taste.

We sit in every chair you see at Shop-NC.  Call us if you need help selecting the rocking chair just right for you.