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Porch Rockers

           Porch Rockers 
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American Classic Porch Rockers

Having and enjoying a front porch of your own is part of the American dream and porch rockers are part of the American way of life.. 

A front porch is where your home meets the outdoors and porch rockers on the porch say “welcome”.  Neighbors passing by notice you rocking on your porch; they may wave or perhaps stop to say hello.  Folks you don’t yet know might also smile as they go by.  Front porches and porch rockers make neighborhoods feel closer and friendlier.

Houses with a porch were popular in the 19th century.  Southern houses in particular were built with a porch, as a place to relax in the shade, in rockers, in the breeze. Urban neighborhood design is returning to the traditional and porch rockers are now more popular than ever.

A realtor sees a view of rockers on a porch as “curb appeal”.  However to us, porch rockers have the look of home.