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Shop the Nature Catalog for a Porch Rocker, including a New River or Adirondack porch rocker

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Comfort in a Porch Rocker

First and foremost, your porch rocker needs to be comfortable.  We choose our porch rockers to be just that.  However, itís your porch ... and your rocker!

If you are short, you wonít want a porch rocker thatís too big.  A very good choice is our most popular porch rocker, the Savannah.  If you are tall, as your feet rest on the ground you tend to incline further back than a shorter person in a porch rocker.  You may want a porch rocker with a taller back Ė such as our Charleston Porch Rocker.

If you prefer a porch rocker with a generous seat, you might consider an Adirondack Rocker.  This rocker style has larger proportions than a classic porch rocker, including wide, comfortable arms that match well with broad shoulders. 

Cushions are available for many of our porch rockers.  However, none of them require cushions for a comfortable fit.  We typically advise people to purchase a rocker first and to come back if they decide to add cushions because they prefer the design or require additional comfort.