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          Patio Swing Care
          and Maintenance

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Caring for your Patio Swing

Caring for your new patio swing will lengthen enjoyment of one of the good things in life.  So it’s a good idea … and simple to do.

Most important, routinely inspect the mounting points of your patio swing.  Check for looseness and other signs of weakness.  An improperly secured patio swing or wobbly A-frame can be hazardous, so always exercise due care.

A patio swing made from POLYWOOD® or Poly-lumber is maintenance free – however you can always wash your patio swing to make it look like new.  Commercial products are available, but household detergent mixed with bleach will remove most mildew and light stains on a patio swing.  You can also safely power wash a patio swing made from these highly durable materials. 

Simple cleaning will also refresh a patio swing made from wood.  Be careful though if power washing to avoid damaging the wood.  It’s easy to re-treat a patio swing finished with a UV protector such as linseed oil or Duckback.  Normally you do not have to remove finish to re-finish a patio swing with these products.  Duckback is a proprietary name for Olympic Semi-Transparent Oil Stain. 

We like to refer people to a local Ace or True Value hardware store for paints, cleaners and other products to keep their patio swing and other patio furniture looking like new.  Locally owned stores tend to stock products proper for local climates and environments and have knowledgeable people on staff willing to assist.