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Shop for Martin Bird Houses - your martin birdhouses are in the Nature Catalog at Shop-NC

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Martin Bird Houses

        Martin Bird Houses
     Care and Maintenance

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Maintaining Martin Birdhouses

Establishing Martin birdhouses and being a Martin landlord is fun, but does require some responsibility. Everything works lasts longer and works better with simple maintenance - your Purple Martin birdhouses are no exception.  

Before each Martin season, clean out any old nests from your birdhouses.  Also, disinfect martin house cavities by scrubbing or spraying with a weak bleach solution. Plugging the entry holes to your birdhouses helps to keep out unwanted birds until the Martin nesting season begins.  During the season, conduct regular inspections of the houses lower your bird house and keep notes on the Martin activity you see. You should keep your bird house up through August.

If you are in an area subject to severe winter weather, it may be best to remove Martin birdhouses from their poles.  If you do not take your houses down, plug the entry holes to keep late season birds from entering. This is also a good time to clean everything up so you are ready for the next Martin season.