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Shop for a Martin Bird House - your martin birdhouse is in the Nature Catalog at Shop-NC

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Martin Bird House

        Martin Bird House

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What is a Martin Birdhouse

A martin birdhouse is a specialty bird house made to house a Purple Martin - a certain type of swallow.  No doubt you have seen a martin birdhouse  - it's typically a multi room bird house mounted high on a pole.  A Purple Martin is a communal bird, living in large colonies.  So, you will want a martin birdhouse with more than one room.

If you are looking for a martin bird house, there are several designs to choose from ranging from plastic gourds to cottage or barn-type plastic houses plus aluminum houses of different shapes.  The basic martin bird house typically has 6 to 8 rooms, and many martin bird house designs feature stackable houses with multiple stories so you can add more rooms if you like.

Martin bird house designs typically use a matching pole 12 to 15 ft. long.  If your martin  house does not come with a pole, you will need to purchase one.  Most martin bird house designs are mounted 10 to 15 feet in the air to give the purple martins easy access to the house and safety from predators.