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Furniture FAQ's

Where is your furniture made?
Most is crafted in the USA by small town manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and service.

Furniture constructed from foreign harvested lumber is crafted locally.  However, we carefully select our suppliers from outside the USA and we only offer products from manufactures that keep a direct, quality-conscious, North American hand in their off-shore operations.  These are people we know and can talk to if there's ever a need.  Our top-quality New River furniture is produced in the south of Brazil, our painted hardwood Adirondack furniture comes from Europe (Poland), the tropical Shorea line is manufactured in Vietnam and our painted Red Cedar chairs are hand-made in Canada.

What types of wood are used?
We offer a variety of woods - all chosen for their beauty, durability and value.  Unfinished furniture is made from pressure-treated, farm-grown southern Yellow Pine, plantation-grown Cypress, Northern White Cedar, Mahogany and Shorea.  Finished furniture is crafted from Old Growth Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Cherry, Alder and South American hardwoods.  We also offer plastic Enviro"wood", Poly"wood", Poly-Lumber and Eco-Lumber furniture manufactured from recycled materials.

Is the wood durable enough for outdoor use?
Yes, all are highly rated for natural decay and disease resistance by the Forest Products Laboratory.  Pressure treatment deeply protects wood against water and insect damage and pressure treated Pine is perfect for any climate.  Cypress grows in southern swamps and is naturally resistant to water and insect decay by producing the compound "cypressine".  Redwood and Cedar (both Northern White and Western Red) grow in cool, moist conditions while Mahogany, Shorea and Jatoba are all dense, tropical woods.  Our outdoor furniture is suitable for the salt air beaches of Florida, the rain forests of Washington, the deserts of Arizona and the mountain snows of Colorado. 

Does the unfinished furniture have to be finished?
No, pressure-treated Pine, Cypress, White Cedar, Shorea and Mahogany can all be left natural (and many people do this).  However, your unfinished furniture will last longer if a finish is applied.  At the minimum, we recommend treatment with an easily applied water sealant of the type used on outdoor decks (we do this ourselves).  Left this way, the wood will slowly weather to a soft silver gray.  Some natural cracks may appear, however these do not usually affect the strength of the wood.

If I choose to finish it - what should I use?
That depends on where you live - the answer being different for say, Seattle versus Phoenix.  We find that your local hardware store - such as an Ace or TruValue -  can offer the best advice and product selection as they know their products well and stock what works best for the local area.  In general - you can use either stain or paint.  Easily applied exterior water-based paints work quite well; oil based paint is generally not necessary.  

Is assembly difficult?
No - these are not kits!   All furniture is partially assembled - everything that can be put together has been put together so that all you need to do is attach legs, arms, seat, back, etc.  Assembly instructions are available on the website or are included with shipped items.  All hardware is included and holes are predrilled for easy assembly.