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Swing by Shop-NC for Canopy Swings - you will find canopy swings and more

Replacement swing canopies for canopy swings

Replacement Canopy for Swings

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    Replacement Canopies

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Replacement Canopy for Swings

We offer a replacement canopy for our canopy swings.  We know that these can be hard to find, here's why:

Most of the canopy swings sold at big box home centers and big box discount stores are made in China.  They ship complete but not with spare or extra parts.  These canopy swings are often inexpensive, which is good because if you want a new canopy you need to buy a new swing.

Our canopy swings are made in the USA.  We think they are better for that.  However, the best part is that we can get spare parts including replacement canopies that fit our canopy swings just right. They might also fit yours even if your canopy swing  is different.  However, we offer them principally as a courtesy to customers who need to replace a canopy from one of our swings due to wear or damage or who decide at a later time to add a canopy to their swing.

Be sure to measure and read the description of our replacement swing canopy.  We have sold many replacement swing canopies to people with different swings who could find no other solution.  However please understand, it is the only item at Shop-NC for which we do not accept returns or exchanges.